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The ultimate guide!

Jorunn was the ultimate tour guide for our week in Iceland! Our family of five (three children- 20, 18 ,and 13) had the best time and were with Jorunn the entire time, from our arrival at the airport to when she dropped us off for our journey home.

The itinerary she arranged for us included so many wonderful things- we went into a glacier, into a volcano, hiking in the back country, horseback riding on Icelandic horses, bathing in a secret lagoon, walking around Reykjavik, and seeing the Vestmann Islands. We saw the Glolden Circle, icebergs, black sand beaches, amazing rock formations, and even a couple of Puffins despite it not being quite the right season. Jorunn has deep knowledge of Iceland and its history, as well as great knowledge of the science behind all that makes Iceland so wonderful. She was our driver as well as tour guide, and was quick to accommodate requests from us as well as any needed changes in itinerary due to the quick changing weather. She found us great restaurants and places to stop for breaks during our journeys. She even arranged for some of us to taste rotten shark!

Most of all, she was super easy to be around and we thoroughly enjoyed our time with her. We look forward to seeing Jorunn again the next time we make it to Iceland!

The Dolan Family